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A Unique Teaching Method

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Learn at your own pace a variety of music including Shawn's Sight Reading Boot Camp Series, a method designed to get you jump started into reading music better and faster, as well as classical, blues, ragtime, and Shawn's original compositions and arrangements of hymns and contemporary pop/rock styles. The lessons can be accessed on practically any device such as a desktop computer, laptop, iPhone, or iPad. Each video is accompanied by sheet music that can easily be downloaded and printed out for easy viewing!

Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced player, or someone who took lessons as a kid and wants to pick up where you left off, there are lessons for all levels and musical tastes. Shawn doesn't just teach you how to read music and play the right note at the right time, but he explains the importance and meaning of chords, scales, and music theory as it relates to the particular lesson being taught. You will learn how to 'feel' rhythms instead of just counting them, how to pedal correctly, and how to develop a sense of what fingerings will work best for you. These are just a few examples of the wealth of information you will receive in your quest to become a better musician.

The wonderful thing about online lessons is you can access as many lessons as you want, any time you want, and enjoy unlimited sheet music downloads for the duration of your membership. These days the cost of private music lessons with a live instructor like Shawn could easily cost you $200 in just a few months. That SAME $200 gets you a YEAR membership to shawncheek.com! The cost of sheet music alone for private lessons can cost $50 or more per year. But with shawncheek.com, the cost of downloading all the sheet music for your lessons is already included in the membership price. You can't beat that with a stick! For 55 cents a day, shawncheek.com can be your key to becoming the piano player you've always wanted to be! Try some free lessons on the site and experience the ease and joy for yourself.