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About Shawn Cheek

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Shawn Cheek has been teaching piano lessons for over 20 years, and in that time has touched hundreds of lives through his personal lessons, and millions of lives through his online lessons. In 2007, Shawn began uploading his video lessons to YouTube and quickly gained an audience. These lessons were 'by ear' in nature and made use of a whiteboard placed behind the keyboard in which Shawn wrote letter names instead of a grand staff with notation. The people who largely benefited were generally students who could not read music, or had failed in their attempts to play using traditional means. Later in 2007 Shawn created webpianoteacher.com, a place where his online fans could view his entire catalogue of video lessons instead of just the free part 1s on YouTube. Webpianoteacher.com continues to be a huge success to this day, and has allowed Shawn to quit his day job and focus on new lessons for the site.

Though many of Shawn's online students were content with learning to play ear using his whiteboard technique, there were still some who desired Ęto read traditional music notation as well. Early in 2012, Shawn began work on a new website, shawncheek.com, in which the focus would be learning to read music and play by note. He replaced the whiteboard with an oversized monitor in which the music could be magnified many times to appear clear and readable in a video. Great pains were also taken to provide downloadable PDF files of the sheet music to allow for printing and easy viewing. In many cases Shawn has to create these files one at a time by hand using music composing software. Shawn continues to work daily on new content for webpianoteacher.com and shawncheek.com, and enjoys reaching millions around the world with his unique style of teaching. To get the latest news on what Shawn is working on for both websites or to see what he's up to, visit him on http://www.facebook.com/webpianoteacher and check out his blog at http://www.shawncheekblog.com.